Free NFO & DIZ Viewer for Windows

nfoViewerLite is a free NFO and DIZ file viewer which can also be used to view ASCII art files!


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Lite & Easy

With a minimalistic design, nfoViewerLite is great for quickly viewing information files, including NFO, DIZ and ASCII art files. It will even open txt files!

Any Color You Want

nfoViewerLite's completely configurable interface means you have control over the colors you want, making reading easier on the eyes - or you can just choose what looks cool!

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Other: Nothing, it's completely native to Windows!


Finally, I can read those files that come with my downloads. I was so sick of never knowing what they were, but now I can find out more about the author!
I downloaded nfoViewerLite for it's ability to open NFO files, however I loved it so much I now use it for my txt files too!


7th Feb 2013 - v1.0 Released!
nfoViewerLite v1.0 has been released! What are you waiting for - download it now!

25th Jan 2013 - v1.0 Coming soon!
nfoViewerLite is coming soon - with support for NFO and DIZ file types.

10th Jan 2013 - nfoViewerLite Planned
Plans have begun on nfoViewerLite, a fully functional information file viewer for Windows. What's best is that it will be open source!!


Current Version: v1.0 (2013-02-07)
Initial nfoViewerLite release with support for NFO and DIZ files. Come with English and Spanish translations.

nfoViewerLite is free and open source - based on the iNFO project. Download the nfoViewerLite source files here. To open the source archive (7z file), we recommend UnzipLite.

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